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The Blydenburgh’s of Smithtown, New York!

Scan_Pic1541 2First, let me start off by saying -I love this photo!  Outdoor photos are rare during this time period – I suppose that’s what makes them so attractive!  From the blanket on which they sit, to their clothes, to the relaxed pose, to the trees, everything just pops!

The couple in the middle are Morgan Brower Blydenburgh and Lucy Mears Slade, who married May 16, 1894 in Chicago, Illinois.  Morgan was from Smithtown, New York, the son of Benjamin Brewster Blydenburgh and Mary Duryee Bower, born October 20, 1865.  Lucy was the daughter of Jonathan Slade and Lucy A. Mears, born in Illinois, February 12, 1869.

After their marriage the couple returned to the groom’s home state, where they stayed the remainder of their lives.  They never had children, but were fond of travel.  Morgan received his first passport at the age of 21.  In 1925 the couple were going on an extended tour and filled out a passport form in Illinois, perhaps while on a visit to Lucy’s family.

Scan_Pic1542I, Morgan B. Blydenburgh, a native and loyal citizen of the United States, hereby apply to the Department of State at Washington, for a passport.  I will be accompanied by my wife, Lucy S. Blydenburgh, who was born at Chicago, Illinois, on February 12, 1869, and to whom I was married on May 16, 1894.

I solemnly swear that I was born at New York City, in the State of New York, on or about the 20th day of October, 1865, that my father, Benjamin B. Blydenburgh, was born in Smithtown, New York, and is now deceased.  I have never resided outside the United States and that I am domiciled in the United States, my permanent residence being at Smithtown in the State of New York, where I follow the occupation of farmer.  I am about to go abroad temporarily; and I intend to return to the United States within four months, with the purpose of residing and performing the duties of citizenship therein; and I desire a passport for use in visiting the countries hereinafter named for the following purpose:  Italy, Switzerland, France and England – health and recreation.  I intend to leave the United States from the port of New York on February 7, 1925.

Scan_Pic1543Description of Applicant:  Age, 59 years; stature, 5 feet 6.5 inches, forehead, medium; eyes, blue; nose, straight; mouth, regular; chin, square; hair, brown; complexion, medium; face, oval.

I, Arthur B. Slade, solemnly swear that I am a native citizen of the United States; that I reside at Chicago, Illinois; that I have known the above named Morgan B. Blydenburgh personally for 35 years and know him to be a native citizen of the United States; and that the facts stated in his affidavit are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Perhaps Arthur Slade was the only relative that could make affidavit for Morgan and Lucy.  Don’t you love the picture of them at the bottom – as an older couple!  She looks so sweet!  I would say they were in their early thirties when the first photo was taken.

Don’t you enjoy finding out interesting facts about the people in old photos?  I know I do!

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  1. Someone linked this on Facebook, oddly enough a Kentucky genealogy group! I am a Blydenburgh descendent. Benjamin Brewster was a 7th generation Blydenburgh. The progenitors of the Blydenburghs was Augustine and Sylvestia who came to LI from Holland in the 1650’s.
    This picture is beautiful!

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