Obituaries From The Bourbon News

from The Bourbon News, Paris, Kentucky

Tuesday, September 20, 1898


Respectfully Dedicated To The Memory of The Dead

Jerome Weitzel, proprietor of the Capital Hotel, in Frankfort, father of Miss Amelia Weitzel, who visited in this city several months ago, died Friday. He leaves a wife and nine children.

Henry Clay Jackson, who was born in this county in 1837, died several days ago at Tipton, Missouri, where he was a leading citizen. The first wife of the deceased was Miss Sara Trundle, sister of Mr. John Trundle, of this city, and three of their five children are now living. The deceased moved to Missouri about nineteen years ago, just after the death of his first wife.

Miss Winnie Davis, daughter of Mrs. Jefferson Davis, died at noon Sunday at Narragansett Pier, of gastritis. Miss Davis was born during the Civil War and bore the name of “The Daughter of the Confederacy.” Two months ago she attended the reunion of the United Confederate Veterans at Atlanta, and was cheered by thousands when presented by General Gordon. She is survived by her mother, and her sister, Mrs. Hayes, of California.

Mrs. Jane Piper, aged eighty-five, died about twelve o’clock Sunday night at the residence of her son-in-law, George B. Minter. She leaves two children, Mrs. G. B. Minter and Miss Bettie Piper. Funeral services will be held this afternoon at four o’clock at the grave in the Paris Cemetery by Elder J. S. Sweedey. The pall-bearers will be Messrs. W. A. Parker, Sr., W. J. Ranson, W. N. Rion, Edward Caldwell, W. T. Talbott, T. W. Titus.

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