Richard B. Cassidy Biography

IMG_7999Dr. Richard B. Cassidy, 1844-1936.  Bettie Buckner, his wife, 1845-1925.  Mt. Tabor United Methodist Cemetery, Oldham County, Kentucky

from Kentucky – A History of the State, by Perrin, 1887

Oldham County

Richard B. Cassidy, a native of Oldham County, Kentucky, was born October 8, 1844, and is the eldest son of the five children born to Thomas and Isabelle (Stonestreet) Cassidy, also natives of Oldham County.  James Cassidy, grandfather of Richard B., came from Virginia, and died of cholera in 1833.  Israel Cassidy, great-grandfather of Richard B., also a native of Virginia, and an early settler of Oldham County, Kentucky, lived to be one hundred and five years of age.  Butler Stonestreet, maternal grandfather of our subject, was born in Oldham County.  He was a son of John Stonestreet, and died in 1880.  Richard B. Cassidy was reared on the farm, and in 1862 entered Georgetown College, from which he graduated in 1865.  In 1866 he began the study of medicine under Dr. J. R. Timberlake, of Floydsburg.  He then attended Louisville University in 1866-67, and graduated from the Louisville Medical College in February, 1873, beginning practice the same year.  In 1869 he married Miss Kate Barnhill, daughter of Levi and Elizabeth Barnhill, of Oldham County.  This lady died in 1878, and in 1880 the Doctor married Miss Bettie Buckner, also of Oldham.  To the first marriage two children were born:  Willie, in 1870, and Eddie, in 1872.  To the second marriage three children have been born:  Hopkin S., Richard C. and Bell B.  The Doctor has been very successful in his practice, is prominent as a Mason, and is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

It was quite fortunate that Ritchey and I took photos of many of the gravestones of family members of Dr. Cassidy while we were in Oldham County.  Here is what we found:

IMG_7997Mary C. (Kate) wife of Dr. R. B. Cassidy, born October 23, 1851, died October 12, 1878

IMG_7995Elizabeth, wife of Levi Barnhill, born June 20, 1830, died May 12, 1885

IMG_7996Levi H. Barnhill, born February 11, 1824, died December 24, 1891

IMG_8029Butler Eaglin Stonestreet, 1833-1877.  Virginia Stonestreet Kavanaugh, 1834-1926

IMG_8036Mt. Tabor United Methodist Church

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