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Mercer County 1830 Marriages by Thomas Cleland

The Rev. Thomas Cleland became pastor of New Providence Presbyterian Church in 1813.  Many of the names in the list are probably parishioners – McAfee, Armstrong, Cardwell, Forsythe, Cozine and others.  He also preached at Cane Run Church and the Old Mud Meeting House, which was the Dutch Reformed Church.  Rev. Clelland was also a teacher and conducted a classical school for young men in his home, teaching Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Homilectics.  He continued as minister of New Providence until his death, at age 80, in 1858.

List of Marriages for 1830 viz.

Shelton Ransdal and Elizabeth Cozine – January 14th

William Chambers and Elizabeth Nourse – January 27th

William McMurtry and Sarah Maria VanAnglen – February 11th

Rice McAfee and Ann Maria Armstrong – February 24th

John C. Cozine and Martha Light – February 25th

Jacob Crow and Mary Crawford – March 1st

William Woods and Jane D. Cardwell – March 11th

James Woods and Priscilla Armstrong – March 25th

Buchner Miller and Comfort D. Worthington – April 13th

Thomas Reed and Elizabeth Parish – April 20th

Stephen Jones and Mary Ann Barkley – April 29th

John Kirkpatrick and Ann Smythey – Mary 14th

Aaron James and Mahala Starnes – June 23rd

Jesse Hale and Mary Stagg – July 22nd

Joseph Chamberlain and Cynthia B. Roberts – August 5th

John Kemper and Frances A. Doggett – August 11th

John Cardwell and Margaret Ransdal – September 2nd

Harvey T. Ray and Eliza A. W. Cozine – September 21st

Charles M. Cunningham and Hannah Magoffin – September 21st

William H. Adair and Elizabeth Cromwell – September 28th

Willis Burford and Julia Forsythe – October 21st

Joseph McAfee and Priscilla Ann Armstrong – October 26th

Andrew Forsythe and Narcissa W. McAfee – October 29th

Harvey Cunningham and Rebekah Cardwell – December 2nd

Samuel Kennedy and Susan Jordan – December 16th

Greenbury D. Murphy and Susan Boyce – December 16th


To the Clerk of Mercer County

I do certify that the above contains an accurate list of all the marriages with the dates annexed that I have celebrated within the last year, agreeable to authority from your office.

                                                       Thomas Cleland

January 1st 1831

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