Marriage Records

1805-1807 Marriages in Nicholas County

  • George Sparks married Rachel McClenehan, by John Parsons, 18th April 1805
  • Henry Mann married Rachel Jones, by John Barnett, 14th March 1805
  • Elijah Dazey married Milley M. Barkett, by Tull, 20th December 1804
  • Samuel Earlick married Delilah Burdin, by John Barnett, 12th September 1805
  • Solomon Ritchey married Rachel Danz, by John Barnett, 8th September 1805
  • Archibald McMinch married Elizabeth Arnold, by John Barnett, 1st August 1805
  • George Harrison married Prudence Gamble, by John Barnett, 25th November 1805
  • Frederick Potts married Elizabeth Oliver, by John Barnett, 26th September 1805
  • William Hamilton married Mary McIntire, by John Barnett, 6th March 1806
  • James Ellis married Fanny Doughty, by John Barnett, 20th March 1806
  • David Bagby married Lucy Collier, by Anderson, 30th August 1806
  • David Myers married Frances Foster, by John Parsons, 19th June 1806
  • Robert Ewing married Nancy Metcalfe, by Richard Tilton, 1st May 1806
  • Overton Cosby married Susannah Hyser, by Richard Tilton, 17th June 1806
  • Henry Howard married Jane Saunderson, by George Ashin, 12th January 1806
  • Thomas Guppin married Arcady Thomson, by John Barnett, 24th July 1806
  • William Wheeler married Margaret Rolston, by John Barnett, 29th July 1806
  • Hugh Smith married Mary Wilson, by John Barnett, 4th September 1806
  • William Fuller married Mary Wilson, by John Barnett, 4th September 1806
  • Henry Hastings married Ann Patchel, by George Tarvin, 4th August 1806
  • Robert Kennady married Rebecca Carnahan, by George Tarvin, 15th September 1806
  • Robert H. Kunbrough married Sally Baskell, by John Barnett, 14th April 1807
  • George W. Murphy married Sally Dean, by John Barnett, 2nd April 1807
  • Stephen Peyton married Nancy Doughty, by John Barnett, 16th April 1807
  • Aaron Carnahan married Elvira Mitchell, by Bartholomew W. Stone, 18th December 1806
  • James Carson married Isabella Mathers, by Bartholomew W. Stone, 22nd January 1807
  • Tolliver Hughes married Susannah Gamble, by John Parsons, 17th May 1807
  • David Gamble to Polly Sloop, by John Parsons, 1st January 1807
  • John Irvin married Sarah Ishmael, by John Parsons, 14th May 1807

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  1. Rachel McClenehan is my fourth great aunt. ‘Very nice to have this information. Thank you so much for sharing your research!

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