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John Connelly, Pension Application

Note by Phyllis Brown: The Captain John Linton mentioned in this application is my 4th great-grandfather.

From Virginia Revolutionary Pension Applications by John Frederick Dorman

John Connelly, pension application S.30345, 18 Nov 1839, Nelson County, Kentucky

John Connelly of said county declares he was born in Virginia on 22 Aug 1757.  In 1777 he lived in Fairfax County, Virginia, and on 01 Sep 1777 he volunteered and joined the company of Captain Benjamin Moody, Lt. William Daniel and Ens. John Hunter under Col. John Gilpin, Maj. James Wren and Col. Lumley.  He served three months and on 01 Dec 1777 left the army and returned home.  He rendezvoused at Alexandria, Virginia, and marched to Georgetown, Maryland, and then to Yorktown and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and then on the Schuylkill River where they were dismissed and returned home.

In 1781 he lived in Loudoun County, Virginia, and in July was drafted for three months in the company of Captain John Linton, Lt. William Debell and Ens. Francis Adams under Col. George Summers and Maj. Risby who took command when they rendezvoused at West’s Town in Loudoun County.  They marched to Malvern Hill where they joined the brigade of Gen. Stephens and where Col. Summers and Maj. Risby were released from any further command.  Thomas Merriweather and William Hardyman took command in their place.  They marched to the old magazine near Williamsburg, then to the encampment called Springfield, and there were dismissed and returned home in October 1781.

19 Mar 1840.  Nelson County, Kentucky.  John Connelly of said county declares he did not apply earlier because he was of the opinion he would have to prove his services by some living witness, which he could not do.  He had declined ever applying for his pension until the last two years, since which he has been so afflicted he cannot walk beyond his own door.

John Connelly, of Nelson County,Kentucky, private in the company of Captain Moody in the regiment of Col. Gilpin in the Virginia militia for six months, was placed on the Kentucky pension roll at $20 per annum under the Act of 1832.  Certificate 31737 was issued 10 April 1840.

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  1. This is John Donaldson Connelly married to Frances Ann Brent, sister of Nancy Ann Brent who married Philip Porter. John D. Connelly and Frances Ann Brent, lived in Bloomfield, Nelson Co. KY.s

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