William Moran – Charles County, Maryland, to Loudoun County, Virginia, to Washington County, Kentucky

William Moran is my 4th great-grandfather.  When his good friend, Captain John Hancock Linton moved from Loudoun County, Virginia, to Washington County, Kentucky, in 1816, he came with him.

William was born in  Charles County, Maryland, February 17, 1775, the son of William Moran and Mary Rebecca Barber.  He married Mary Barber, a cousin, in 1795.  They had at least 2 children:  Elizabeth Lyon and Ann Rebecca Moran.  Mary Barber Moran died shortly after Ann Rebecca’s birth – possibly from childbirth, or complications thereof.

For his second wife William married Captain John’s daughter, Susan Linton, March 5, 1812.  The couple had 7 children:  Charles Fenton, Henry E., John Myvert, Young William, Linton Lewis, Martha and Susan Linton Moran.  William died intestate, January 3, 1838.  He is buried in the Linton cemetery on Highway 555 in Washington County.  In his division of slaves, all the children are listed except Linton Lewis Moran.  I can’t understand why he is not listed; he is still living with his mother in the 1850 Washington County census.

Children and Grandchildren:

Elizabeth Lyon Moran (my 3rd great-grandmother) married William Linton, son of Captain John Hancock Linton and Ann Nancy Mason, April 5, 1817 in Washington County.  They had 7 children:  Susan, Elizabeth Jane, Edward Edwards (my 2nd great-grandfather), Bushrod, Margaret, George Mason and Mary Rebecca Linton.

Ann Rebecca Moran married John L. Keene, son of Richard Keene and Elizabeth Rebecca Linton, January 12, 1833, in Washington County.  They had 5 children:  Emily, Richard, Susan, Martha and John Keene.

Charles Fenton Moran married Mary.  They had 4 children:  Margaret, Joseph, Thomas and Franklin Moran.

Henry E. Moran married Nancy Brown May 15, 1837, in Washington County.  They had 5 children:  Susan C., Charles F., William Henry, John Linton and Martha Jane Moran.

John Myvert Moran married Mary Mildred Mudd, daughter of Horatio Mudd and Martha Linton, February 2, 1846, in Washington County.  They had 3 children:  William, Frances C. and Francis E. Moran.

Young William Moran married Susan Hancock Linton, daughter of Lewis Linton and Sarah Janes, October 14, 1844, in Washington County.  They had 5 children:  Susan M., Martha J., John H., Charles L. and Ann Catherine Moran.

Linton Lewis Moran married Sarah J. Rawlings.  They had 3 children:  James L., William Franklin and Susan Margaret Moran.

Martha Moran married Pendleton Pursell December 18, 1847, in Washington County.  They had 3 children:  John, Linton and Laura Corilla Pursell.

Susan Linton Moran married Richard Keene, son of Richard Keene and Elizabeth Rebecca Linton, January 21, 1840, in Washington County.  They had 9 children:  Mattie E., Susan Mary, Charles W., Laetitia Ann, James Francis, Richard Milton, Henry B., Bruce and R. Bruce Keene.

Many of William and Susan’s children moved to Missouri – as did other members of the extended Linton/Moran family – off to seek their fortunes with new lands and open spaces.  I would love to have more stories of how their lives were changed, how they prospered, how they spent the rest of their lives.

5 thoughts on “William Moran – Charles County, Maryland, to Loudoun County, Virginia, to Washington County, Kentucky”

  1. Reviewing the William Moran data, I was so glad to see the reference to Martha who married in 1847. I noticed that Martha’s husband is listed as Pursell Pendleton. His first name is actually Pendleton and his last name is Pursell. Also, I noticed that you do not have their children listed. Both Pendleton and Martha died by the mid 1850’s and their children were orphanced and taken in by relatives, i.e., Linton Lewis Moran and Montgomery families. The children of Pendleton and Martha Moran Pursell are John, Linton and Laura Corilla. My husband descends through Laura Corilla who married Ed Borders. They are buried in the St. Augustine Catholic Cemetery in Lebanon KY.

    Thank you for all the wonderful family information. I hope this information is helpful to your files.

      1. Thursday I was at the history center in Frankfort, Kentucky, and found a book on Thomas Allin and his descendants. William, son of Thomas and Mary Jane Jouett Allin was born April 9, 1791, in Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky; died 1834, in Chariton County, Missouri; married 1819, Elizabeth Hooe. Children, born in Harrodsburg, Benjamin Allin, Thomas Hooe Allin, born March 12, 1821, and John Hooe Allin, born September 24, 1826. I hope this info helps!

      2. I have seen Pendleton and Martha’s last name written both ways so I am not sure which is actually correct. Thank you again so much for all you do for family history. This is a wonderful site!

  2. Could not see what I was typing. Did not know William had 2 wives. After Rev. War Wm. and family went to Loudoun County From there William must have gone with son Edward to KY. Will look up more children’s names.

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