1,000th Post For Kentucky Kindred!

This is a red letter day for Kentucky Kindred – the 1,000th post!  When I started this blog in April, 2011, I wasn’t sure if I’d find enough to write about!  Let’s just say the surface of my research and information hasn’t been scratched yet!  Kentucky Kindred should go strong for quite a while!  I love sharing information with you and telling stories of my research and my family!  If there is one thing I enjoy more than the research itself, it’s talking about it – and in this way I’ve found many of you that are just as passionate about your research as I am!  And I’ve found some new cousins!

You know how much I enjoy statistics, so I have to share a few about the blog with you!  There have been 68,223 total views.  May 31, 2012, was the busiest day with 984 views.  That was the week the History Channel premiered their mini-series The Hatfields and McCoys.  Everyone must have searched the internet for more information – and my blog from March 10th,  A Kentucky Feud That Doesn’t Involve The Hatfield’s and The McCoy’s – came up in many of those searches!  It is the number one blog in amount of traffic – 943 views!

The number 2 blog in total views is St. Charles Catholic Church Cemetery with 391.  This is a large cemetery in rural Marion County, Kentucky, with many older stones.  Many of the Maryland Catholics who came to Kentucky settled in this area.  My favorite story about this cemetery is that a long lost great-great-grandmother turned up here – in my home parish!  I had looked for her for years!  I knew her last name was Lyons – my mother was named for her – Catherine Lyons Carrico!  But that was all we knew.  I found her in the baptismal records listed with her husband, John E. Smith – Ellen Lyons!  She is buried in St. Charles Cemetery, but her stone was broken and removed years ago!

My Share of the Edward’s Fortune is number 3 with 252 views.  Some of my great-grandmother’s genealogy records were featured in this post.  I love writing about Frances Barber Linton Montgomery!  She is a fascinating woman who lived through the Depression, two world wars, the death of two children, buried every other member of her Linton family, and still loved life!  I admire her greatly!

And number 4 is still a mystery – Montgomery Family Picture? – with 208 views.  One day someone will know who these people are!  I’m still sure they are members of the Montgomery family – just which ones?

My favorite posts are about old pictures or old records I have.  I also enjoy sharing cemetery photos with you – and pairing them with obituaries I find in old newspapers.  Captain John Linton – great-grandfather of Frances Barber Linton – is hands down my favorite ancestor.  I started my research with him – perhaps that’s why he is so interesting to me.  Ritchey and I have visited Loudoun County, Virginia, where he lived, as well as Prince William and Stafford counties where his ancestors lived!  At any rate – our son is named Linton – that in itself speaks volumes!

Thanks so much to all of you who read my blog – whether you look for it first in your email every morning, or you just happen upon it in one of your internet searches.  Let me know if you have suggestions for posts – or kinds of posts you would like to see.  And I’d like to know your favorites – just jot them down here or send me an email!  And we’ll see what comes up in the next 1,000!

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  1. Happy 1000th blog! Even though you talk to me about genealogy all the time, I find all of your blogs interesting!

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