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Linton/Edwards Family Bible Records


I have only two pages of an old family bible – they are tattered and discolored, but I am thankful for these two pages!  I am sharing one side (of the four) with you today.  The original owner of the bible was probably a member of the Edwards family.  After the family died out, the bible was in the possession of my great-great grandmother, Catherine Elizabeth Taylor Linton, then to my great-grandmother, her daughter, Frances Barber Linton Montgomery, to her daughter, my great-aunt Lillie, then to me.

The first person listed on this page is James K. Janes – who departed this life January the 23rd, 1879.    James was the husband of Mary Jane Edwards, daughter of Edward Barber Edwards and Nancy Linton.  James and Mary were married May 29, 1832, in Washington County, Kentucky.  They came with their families from Loudoun County, Virginia.  James and Mary Janes did not have children, but they helped raise orphaned nieces and nephews.

Annie E. Linton – departed this life April 29th, 1879 – was the daughter of Edward Edwards Linton and Catherine Elizabeth Taylor.  She was a young 19-year-old when she died, probably of consumption or tuberculosis.

Catherine Edwards – departed this life July 14th, 1882 – was a sister to the above mentioned Mary Jane Edwards.  She never married, living with her sister after the death of her parents.

John L. Edwards – departed this life December 23rd, 1883 – was a brother to Mary Jane and Catherine.  He married his first cousin, Mildred L. Linton, daughter of Benjamin Franklin Linton and Lucy Crewdson, October 13, 1831, in Logan County, Kentucky.  John and Millie had but one child, Lucretia Edwards.  They are buried in the Linton Cemetery in Washington County, along with their grandparents, John and Nancy Linton.

Jonathan Edwards – departed this life February 5, 1884 – was a brother to the three Edwards siblings mentioned above.  Jonathan married Nancy Millie Linton, also his first cousin, daughter of Moses Linton and Ann Nancy Pead, July 20, 1829.  Jonathan and Nancy had 7 children:  Alfred, Lucretia, John E., Susan, Edward, William and Ben Edwards.

Mary J. Janes departed this life December 28, 1905, born in the year 1814.  This is Mary Jane Edwards mentioned in the second paragraph.

Edward E. Linton departed this life September 5th, 1886.  Edward was the father of Annie E. Linton, mentioned above.  Edward and Catherine had six more children:  Alice Clark, John Edgar, Margaret Gordon, Frances Barber, Mary Kell and Martha Susan Linton.  Frances Barber Linton, my great-grandmother, was the only child to marry and have children of her own.

John F. Linton departed this life August 24th 1886.  John Francis, usually known as Frank, was the son of John Hancock Linton, Jr., and Julia Green.  Both died before he reached the age of one year.  During his childhood he was passed from family to family.  John never married, but his cousins were his family – close till the end.

Mary Linton – departed this life February 14th, 1890 – was the daughter of Edward Edwards Linton and Catherine Elizabeth Taylor.  She was 20 when she died – a young woman, just like her sister Annie Elizabeth Linton.  So tragic!

Benjamin Taylor Montgomery, son of Robert and Frances Montgomery, born October 21st, 1908, and departed this life November 7th, 1908.  Benjamin was the last child of seven.  Robert E. Lee Montgomery and Frances Barber Linton, my great-grandparents, were married February 7th, 1893.  The other six children were Mary Alice, Anna Margaret, Laura Frances, Lillie Catherine, Robert Lee and Edward Linton Montgomery

How much information from one page!  If you find a family bible – even if it is in tatters – treasure it!  Usually you will find information that cannot be found elsewhere!

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  1. I know how you feel about finding so much information on these tattered old pages, however, old as it is if you didn’t know where the event took place, the search continues. As I have found in the 215 yr old Marshall-Crawford bible pages. It’s been enjoyable meeting new Crawford and Marshall family members still living to help with this current search case.

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