Family Stories

Marriages – Washington County, Kentucky

Wedding Bells Ring Today!!!!!

Washington County, Kentucky

Samuel Lee Martin married Polly Darnell 01 Jul 1797
Jonathan Milburn married Sally Casey 01 Jul 1813
Robert Reed married Martha Salley 01 Jul 1813
Lawrence W. Floyd married Nancy Rinehart 01 Jul 1816
Benjamin Wheatley married Mary Ann Lanham 01 Jul 1820
Francis H. Simms married Matilda Edelen 01 Jul 1845
Madison Marshall married Martha A. Keeling 01 Jul 1850
Horace S. Litsey married Lydia Ann Montgomery 01 Jul 1862
Harrison Shewmaker married Elizabeth Crook 01 Jul 1866
George Giddings married Savanah McElroy 01 Jul 1873
James L. Shirley married Mahala Taylor 01 Jul 1879
John Warren married Martha Breeding 01 Jul 1879
Preston Cooksey married Martha Jane Litteral 01 Jul 1882

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