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News From ‘The Hustler’ – Hopkins Conty, Kentucky

The Hustler, Madisonville, Kentucky

January 19, 1894

Mrs. Eliza Bailey, of the Pond River country, died last week at the good old age of seventy-nine years.

January 26, 1894

Mr. John J. Stevens, one of the old, well-known and much respected citizens of Hopkins County, died at his home in Madisonville last Saturday morning after an illness of only a few hours.  On Thursday afternoon he wa stricken with paralysis, became speechless and helpless at once and never afterwards rallied.  He lived until about one o’clock Saturday morning, when surrounded by friends, he quietly passed away into the great beyond.

Mr. Stevens was about 65 years old, was born in Virginia, but had lived in Kentucky most of his life.  He was a farmer in good circumstances and lived about two miles north of town until a few days before his death.  He had recently bought a lot in this city, had built a nice residence thereon and only just the week before had moved to town with the intention of becoming a citizen of the place.  He had been a widower for several years and had a family of grown sons and daughters.  The writer had known Mr. Stevens intimately for a number of years, and had always had for the deceased the very greatest respect.  We admired him for his many noble and manly qualities and because we knew him to be an honorable, upright, intelligent and industrious citizen; we admired him because we believed him to be a good man, an honest man and because we never knew him to tell a lie.  We loved him because he was our friend at all times and under all circumstances.

The world needs more John Stevens.  The body was taken on Sunday to the family burying ground near Browder’s church and there placed by the side of loved ones who had gone before.

February 2, 1894

On the 14th day of January, 1894, at the residence of her son, Henry P. Vannoy, Mrs. Hannah Vannoy, aged about 90 years, passed away, her husband Jesse Vannoy having passed away about 28 years before.

The name of Aunt Hannah Vannoy is familiar to all the early settlers in the Pond River country and her name will long be remembered by all who knew her.  Her very name is a synonym of gentleness and kindness, always cheerful and a kind word for everybody, and with it all she was a Christian, having been a member of the Methodist church nearly all her life.  Although she lived in humble circumstances yet she never lacked for food and raiment, but was always in possession of that richer gift, contentment, and was blessed with health and strength and length of days, a result that the most affluent seldom reach.  May we imitate her virtues and may our days be as long in the end.

February 9, 1894

Ruby Sutton, the 16 year old son of Dr. Sutton, living near Ashbysburg, accidentally shot himself Tuesday morning from which he died in a few hours.  While out in the yard cutting wood, a pistol dropped from his pocket, discharging its contents in his ribs.  Dr. Henry was summoned, but could render no assistance as the wound was too serious for medical aid.

Mr. Charles L. Jackson, one of the oldest men in Webster County, who lived just across the Hopkins County line, died last Monday.  He came to this country in 1820 and had been a respected citizen.  He was 88 years and 14 days old at the time of his death.

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