Brewer Family at New Providence Presbyterian Cemetery

IMG_8253Brewer Family at New Providence Presbyterian Cemetery

Mercer County, Kentucky

Lambert D. Brewer married first Sally McAfee, with whom he had the following children:  Priscilla, Robert and Hannah.  Sally died in 1843, and before 1850 Lambert married Ethalinda, unfortunately I do not have her maiden name.  In the 1850 census of Mercer County are listed Lambert, 48, Ethalinda, 30, Priscilla, 18, Robert, 17, and Hannah 13.  In 1860, Robert has married Lucy Riker, and their two children, William C. and Lambert D. are listed.  They live next to Robert’s father, Lambert D. and Ethalinda.  In the 1880 census Robert is head of household, with wife Lucy, and his father, Lambert, 78, and stepmother, Ethalinda, 62.  Robert and his father Lambert were born on the same day – July 16th.

IMG_2255Lambert D. Brewer, July 16, 1802, died January 31, 1882 IMG_2254 Ethalinda Brewer, born May 20, 1820, died February 12, 1899

IMG_2250Robert D. Brewer, born July 16, 1832, died November 9, 1898

IMG_2251Lucy Riker, wife of Robert D. Brewer, born January 17, 1835, died November 4, 1909

IMG_2252W. Con. Brewer, died February 6, 1887, aged 30 years and 2 months

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