Family Stories

Isaac T. Dean Biography

Perrin’s Kentucky – A History of the State, 1885

Ballard County Biographical Sketches

Isaac T. Dean was born April 23, 1835, in Jessamine County, Kentucky, and in 1836 was brought by his parents to Ballard County, where he now resides. His father, Jefferson H. Dean, was also a native of Jessamine County, born in 1810, and died in 1860. Jefferson H. married Catherine, daughter of Peter Nave, of Jessamine County (born in 1814, and died in 1848), and from this union sprang Marietta (Shelbourne), Martha J. (Goad), subject, William D., Sarah K. (Coon), George A. (Kelley), Eliza A. (Gill), and Mahala N. (Womble). By the second marriage were born John J., James H., George F. and Ida M. On May 11, 1859, subject was married to Miss Eudora T. A., daughter of Lee and Sally (Brumfield) Trice, of Ballard County, (born August 9, 1840), and to them have been born Lee Bell, William D. (deceased), and Jeff T. After arriving at man’s estate, our subject followed for ten years the vocation of carpenter and builder, in which he was successful. He is now engaged in farming, having 160 acres of good land in fine state of cultivation. He is a member in good standing of the I. O. O. F., and also of the K. of H. In politics he is a Democrat.

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