Benninger-Truss Family Photos

Scan_Pic1518I have lovely photos of the Benninger-Truss family to share with you!  How fortunate to find four members of a family, individual photos, with names, and birth and death dates, on back!  These were part of the treasure Ritchey and I found while at the antique mall in the Hamilton area of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Until I purchased and brought them to Harrodsburg they had not traveled far in the 100+ years since they were taken.  I can’t imagine anyone parting with such great photos!

Another extraordinary find with these photos is the decorative edge on all but one- I’ve never seen anything like this before – usually photos are rectangular and straight edged!  They were taken by Reimann and Company, opposite Mohawk Bridge, 819 and 821 Central Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Scan_Pic1516Mary Ann Truss Benninger, the daughter of Thomas Truss and Jane McCann Miller, was born in Hamilton County, Ohio, in 1841.  She married Frederick J. Benninger, who was born in Baden, Germany, December 1, 1839, the son of Jacob Benninger and Eva Cathrina Bearschung.  The family immigrated to the United States about 1843.

In the 1850 census of Hamilton County the Truss family is listed with Thomas, 35; Jane, 34; Elisa J., 14; Lora, 10; Mary, 8; Charles, 7; Agnes M.; and Emma, 2.  The Benninger family is listed with Jacob, 40; Catherine, 39; Louis, 19; Jacob, 16; Catherine, 13; Fred, 10; Charles, 7; Magdalena, 4; and George, 1.

Mary Ann Truss and Frederick J. Benninger were married about 1875.  In the 1880 census of Hamilton County there are listed as Fred, 39; Mary, 36; Mary, 18; Charles, 11; Emma, 9; John, 8; Alice, 6; Laura, 4 and Florny, 2.  By 1910 only Fred, 69; Mary, 67; Florny, 27, and Estella,24, are listed, along with Emma Truss, 58, Mary’s sister.  The census shows they have been married 48 years; Mary gave birth to 13 children but only six have survived.

Scan_Pic1517Laura Bell Benninger, 1875-1947, married Major Charles Frank Easton in 1901, and had one son in 1910, Charles R. Easton.

Scan_Pic1515Alice Jane Benninger, 1873-1961, married August Albert Kistner in 1900, and had one son in 1910, Fred J. Kistner.

Scan_Pic1514Florence May Benninger, 1878-1968, never married.

Fred J. and Mary Ann are buried in Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati.  Florence is also buried there.

Such a beautiful family – I feel fortunate to have their photos!

Any thoughts?

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