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Dr. Alex A. Farris Obituary

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Thursday, May 18, 1905

Was At Perryville

The death of Dr. Alex A. Farris at Hickman, Kentucky, Monday, was received here with much regret.  When quite a young man he entered the Confederate service and was severely wounded at the Battle of Perryville.  He was brought to Harrodsburg and then taken to the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Coleman on the Lexington Pike, where his arm was amputated and where he hovered between life and death for many weeks.  He finally recovered, went to Missouri, graduated in medicine and became one of the foremost physicians of that commonwealth.  About six years ago he wrote here asking about his former friends who had cared for him in his hour of need.  Learning that both were then alive he paid them a pleasant visit of several days.  In the terrible yellow fever epidemic that visited Hickman in 1878 the courage and devotion to duty, which made so good a soldier, prompted him to remain with and serve his people.  Of the six home physicians all died except Dr. Farris, who seemed to bear a charmed life through the scourge.

Lewis Brashaw Obituary

IMG_9277Spotwood Lewis Bradshaw, 1832-1911.  Artie Mecy, his wife, 1837-1908.  Nathan J., 1872-1907.  Eva Lena Johnson, 1868-1896.  Shawnee Run Baptist Church Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky.

Mr. Spotwood Lewis Bradshaw was born March 7, 1832, in Mercer County, Kentucky, to James and Barsheba Bradshaw, both born in Virginia.  From a farming family, Lewis continued in the tradition of his father after his marriage on December 12, 1859, to Arty Mecy Jane Denny.  The couple had six children, three still living in 1900.  In the 1880 census Lewis is listed as 46; Arty Mecy, 44; Helen, 20; James W., 15; Eva Lena, 11; and Nathan, 8.  Also living with them is son-in-law C. A. McDonely, 20, husband of Helen.  Mr. Bradshaw died on February 6, 1911.  His death certificate says he died shortly after eating a hearty breakfast.  Heart problems were the cause of death.  His wife had preceded him to the grave three years previous.

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, February 10, 1911

Mr. Lewis Bradshaw, one of the venerable men in the county, died suddenly Monday morning at his home at Shawnee Run.  He had smoked his pipe and was sitting in a chair beside the fire when he fell, and about two hours later was dead.  The funeral services were held at Shawnee Run Church on Tuesday by Rev. J. W. Campbell, and the interment was in the adjacent cemetery.  Mr. Bradshaw was a splendid gentleman, honorable and upright, and was popular with everyone.  He leaves two children, Mrs. C. S. McDonely and Mr. James W. Bradshaw.


Mary Belle McAfee Obituary


Mary Belle McAfee, 1856-1915, New Providence Presbyterian Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, February 26, 1915

Mrs. H. M. McAfee, one of the most prominent women of the Salvisa section, died Wednesday night after suffering many months with a complication of diseases. She was a lovable and noble character and her death has caused deep regret among a wide circle of friends. In early girlhood she united with the Christian Church and has been devoted to its faith ever since. Her funeral was held at the family residence Saturday morning at 11 o’clock, conducted by Rev. R. N. Simpson, of this city, and the interment was in the Providence Cemetery. Many beautiful floral offerings testified to the love in which she was held by all who knew her. Besides her husband she is survived by a daughter, Mrs. H. F. Milton, and her mother, Mrs. M. E. James, and by one brother, Mr. F. I. James, and several sisters, Mrs. Annie Gritton, all of Salvisa, Mrs. J. F. Redford, of Louisville, and Mrs. J. W. Gilliam and Miss Sarah James, of Harrodsburg.

Joseph Thomas Curd and Malinda Corn Curd Buried at Shawnee Run Baptist

When searching for the obituary of Malinda Curd I became very confused!  I found two, one from 1911 and one from 1912.  The first listed her as Mrs. Joseph Curd, the second as Mrs. Malinda Curd.  I checked my photos and the person I was looking for died in 1911.  To make a small story short – she died December 26th of 1911.  One obituary was written within a couple of days; the next obituary, in the January 12, 1912, issue of The Harrodsburg Herald!  Sometimes a quick glance is not enough!

What a lovely stone!  One of the Woodmen of the World – a beautiful joining of two lives – as two trees!

IMG_9281from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, December 29, 1911

Death of a Good Woman

Mrs. Joseph Curd, one of the best known, best loved women of the Curdsville vicinity, died Wednesday morning, after a lingering illness, of a complication of diseases.  Funeral services were conducted at the home by Rev. W. D. Moore and the interment took place in the family burying ground nearby.  Mrs. Curd was about 64 years of age and had been a life long member of the Shawnee Run Baptist Church.  She was a kind, gentle woman, a good neighbor and a friend to all.  She is survived by her aged husband to whom the sympathy of the entire community and his wide circle of friends goes out, and two sons, John and A. W. Curd, and two daughters, Mrs. D. King and Mrs. James Campbell

Friday, January 12, 1912

Mrs. Malinda Curd, wife of J. T. Curd, died at her home, some three miles from Burgin, Tuesday afternoon, December 26th, at 20 minutes past 5 o’clock.  She was born, May 3, 1841, and was, therefore, in the 71st year of her age.  Her maiden name was Poore, her father’s family consisting of seven children, only two of whom are now living, Mrs. Hackley and Mrs. Hamilton, of Garrard County.  She was married to J. T. Curd, at her father’s home, by Rev. S. Cook, May 1st, 1862, and had she lived a few months longer, they would have walked the path of life together 50 years.  The troubles incident to life were theirs, just as they belong to all, but truly this union was a happy one.  They lived for each other, and were never happier than when in each others company.  To them were born 5 children, four of whom survive her, A. W. and John R. Curd, Mrs. James Campbell and Mrs. W. D. King, all of them of Mercer County.  The other daughter, Mrs. Sarah Campbell, died some few years ago.

Mrs. Curd became a member of Shawnee Run Church, of which her husband for many years has been a deacon, about 40 years ago, having been baptized by the same preacher who married her, Rev. S. Cook.  for 18 years I have been her pastor and I can truly say she has been faithful to her Lord and to the church.  She loved the house of God and was always there when it was possible.

She was extremely unselfish, living for the welfare of her family and community.  She always had a good word for everyone.  She saw virtues instead of vices.  She was kind to all, cheerful to the last, and deeply pious.  Mrs. Curd was indeed a devoted wife, a good mother, and a kind friend.  The hungry never left her door unfed.  None knew her but to love her.  Her pastor will sadly miss her, as well as all who knew her.  She was buried in the Shawnee Run burial ground December 28th, after services by the writer, in the presence of a large concourse of friends and relatives.             W. D. Moore

IMG_9282from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, July 5, 1935

Joseph Thomas Curd, highly esteemed citizen of east Mercer County, who had almost reached the century mark, died Thursday, June 28, at his home near Curdsville.  He was a native of this county and had lived his entire life in the same section.  Born March 15, 1839, he was nearing his 100th birthday with remarkable vigor, until recently the years took their toll of his strength.  About 86 years ago he united with the Shawnee Run Baptist Church, in which he has been an honored member and for over 50 years a deacon.  He attended services regularly until about a year ago.  He was the son of John and Mary Munday Curd.

He enlisted in the Union Army in the War Between the States in May 1862, leaving a wife of three weeks, who was Miss Malinda Corn, Garrard County.  He was assigned to Company F, 11th Kentucky Cavalry, under Captain Frank Wolford and was in many skirmishes in Kentucky, several against the men of General John Hunt Morgan.  He also took part in the Battle of Knoxville.  He received an honorable discharge in June, 1865.

Following the death of his first wife, December 26, 1911, he was married to Miss Ann Witt, of Boyle County, in 1913, who died April 19, 1930.  Surviving are four children by his first marriage, Mrs. W. D. King, with whom he made his home; Mrs. James Campbell, Burgin; J. R. Curd, of Danville; Col. A. W. Curd, of Tucson, Arizona, who arrived here a few days before his father died.  Fourteen grandchildren and the same number of great-grandchildren also survive.

The funeral was held at 10 o’clock Saturday morning at the Shawnee Run Baptist Church, near Burgin, conducted by the Rev. W. D. Moore, of Anderson County, a former pastor for over 30 years of Shawnee Run Church, and a long time personal friend of “Uncle Jody”.  The Rev. G. Whitcomb Ellers, pastor of the Harrodsburg Baptist Church, assisted in the service.  Burial was in Shawnee Run Cemetery.

IMG_9280Joseph T. Curd, March 15, 1839 – June 27, 1935.    Malinda, his wife, May 3, 1841 – December 26, 1911.  Shawnee Run Baptist Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky.

Captain E. W. Lyen Obituary

SAM_4228 1Lyen monument in Spring Hill Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Thursday, July 13, 1905

Captain E. W. Lyen

Captain E. W. Lyen died last evening at 6:30 o’clock at his residence on Cane Run Avenue. He had been ill several months, during which time he was a great sufferer. He was one of the best known and best liked men in the county, a man of splendid impulses, upright and honest to an unusual degree. His death is deeply regretted, and his loss will be felt by the whole community. He was one of the few gallant Confederate soldiers left of the rapidly thinning ranks, and the Lost Cause was very near to his heart. It was through his untiring efforts and open handed generosity that the beautiful monument to the Confederate dead was erected in Spring Hill Cemetery. He was a trustee of the Kentucky Confederate Home. He little realized how soon and in what way it would stand a revered monument to his own memory. Mr. Lyen was 72 years of age and had never missed a Confederate reunion until the one in Louisville last month, when he was too ill to attend. He is survived by a devoted wife, who was Miss Susan Holman, and by one daughter, Mrs. Cora Sharp, of Vanarsdell. The lives of few men have left such a deep impression upon the people among whom they lived. From moderate circumstances he rose to be one of the wealthiest men in the county, and his death has caused universal sorrow. No funeral arrangements had been made when we went to press.


E. W. Lyen, 1833-1905

Etha L. Brewer Obituary

IMG_2254Etha Linda Brewer, born May 20, 1820, died February 12, 1899.  New Providence Presbyterian Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky.

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Wednesday, February 15, 1899

Mrs. Etha L. Brewer, widow of the late L. D. Brewer, Sr., who was the grandfather of our Mr. L. D. Brewer, died of catchall pneumonia, Sunday morning, at her late home, near McAfee.  She had reached the advanced age of 79 and for the last sixty years had been a member of Providence Presbyterian Church and a devout and faithful follower of her Redeemer.  The funeral was conducted at Providence Church, by the pastor, Rev. S. F. Taylor, and the interment was in the old cemetery.

Ann McAfee Obituary

To visit Providence Cemetery in Mercer County is a step back in time.  Some of the earliest settlers to Kentucky came to this area to make their home – in the days when Indians still roamed this land and wanted to keep their hunting grounds.  One of those early families, the McAfee’s, is represented in the following obituary.  Many other members of the family are buried in this cemetery.


Ann E. McAfee, August 10, 1814 – October 5, 1898.  Providence Presbyterian Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky.

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Saturday, October 8, 1898

Mrs. Ann McAfee, an aged and highly respected lady, died Wednesday, at her late home near Salvisa. She was eighty-five years old and was truly a mother in Israel, for she had been a devout member of the Presbyterian Church for about seventy years. She was twice married, her second husband, Captain John McAfee, a son of one of the pioneer brothers of that name, dying in 1876. She leaves one son, Mr. Caldwell McAfee, and two daughters, Mrs. James H. Matheny, of this place, and Mrs. J. D. Burch, of Aurora, Texas. The funeral was conducted Thursday afternoon at New Providence Church, by the pastor, Rev. Mr. Taylor, and the interment was in the Providence Cemetery.


Captain John McAfee, born January 3, 1806, died May 29, 1876.  Providence Presbyterian Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky.