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Mrs. Rachel Nell Obituary

IMG_7951Rachel P. Nell, January 8, 1841 – August 4, 1904.  Columbia City Cemetery, Adair County, Kentucky.

from The Adair County News, Columbia, Kentucky

Wednesday, August 10, 1904

Death of Mrs. Rachel Nell

Last Thursday morning, about 8 o’clock, the subject of this writing, after a long illness, succumbed to the inevitable and passed over the river of Death.

The deceased was born and reared in Adair County, about thirty-five years of her life having been spent in Columbia.  When quite a young woman she made a profession of her faith in Christ; united with the Presbyterian Church, and lived a consistent Christian life until the end came.

Mrs. Nell was a victim of cancer and everything that medical skill and loving friends could do failed to bring about relief.  Last year she accompanied her husband to Hot Springs, Arkansas, with the hope that the water at that noted resort would be beneficial, but like all other tried remedies, it failed to give relief.  Soon after returning from the Springs she took her bed and gradually grew worse until relieved of her sufferings.

Mrs. Nell was twice married, her first husband being Captain George W. Nell, who served Adair County as County Clerk, and who was a practicing attorney at the time of his demise.  About twenty years after the death of her first husband, she was married to Hon. George Nell, who survives her, with two children by her first husband, Mr. John Nell, who lives in the West, and Mrs. Mary Russell, wife of Dr. C. M. Russell, this city.

The funeral services were held at the Presbyterian Church Friday morning at 10 o’clock, conducted by the pastor, Rev. W. C. Clemens, many relatives and sympathizing friends being present.  The interment was in the city cemetery.

Mrs. Flora Frazer Obituary

IMG_7928Flora M., wife of Thomas H. Frazer, August 30, 1844 – February 19, 1922.  Columbia City Cemetery, Adair County, Kentucky.

from The Adair County News, Columbia, Kentucky

Tuesday, February 21, 1922

At Rest

Mrs. Flora Frazer, a Widely Known Lady, Died Last Sunday Forenoon

Funeral Services This Morning

A sad death, not wholly unexpected, occurred last Sunday forenoon, about ten o’clock, when Mrs. Flora Frazer, a highly respected lady, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. B. Patteson, this place.  Her demise was not unexpected, as she had been on the decline for several weeks, and those nearest and dearest to her, knew that the time for the final dissolution was approaching.

The deceased was born and reared in Greensburg, but at the time of her marriage to Mr. Thomas H. Frazer, of this place, she resided with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. S. McKorkle, in Louisville.  This marriage occurred in either 1863 or 64, and soon thereafter she came to Columbia to live, and it was here where her children were born and reared.  Her father was prominent and for a number of years he was Grand Secretary of the Grand Masonic Lodge of Kentucky, and if we remember correctly, held that office at the time of his death.  The deceased was 77 years old, a member of the Presbyterian Church, and was active in all the affairs of the organization, doing all she could to advance the cause of Christ.

She was a lady of delicate taste, admired by all who knew her.  She will ever be remembered as one who lived in this community, her examples and walks through life inspiring those who had the utmost confidence in her Christian piety, ever ready to do all she could for the unfortunate.  Nearly all her children reached here in time to see the remains before carried to the tomb.

Her life and admonitions are a priceless heritage to her five sons and four daughters.  May God comfort them in this sad hour, is the wish of the writer.

The funeral services were conducted by Dr. Merrill of Campbellsville, this Tuesday morning, at 10 o’clock, and the interment was in the city cemetery.  There were many flowers.

Sons and daughters of the deceased, who live away from this locality, and who were here to attend the funeral are J. T. Frazer, Dallas, Texas; J. M. Frazer, Danville, Kentucky; Robert G. Frazer, Windsor, Missouri; Mrs. J. F. Cabell, Gresham, Kentucky; Mrs. M. H. Sandlin, Minden, Louisiana; Mrs. J. B. McCain, Shreveport, Louisiana.

Mrs. Mollie Damron Hancock Obituary

IMG_7919Mollie J. Damron, wife of J. Hancock, August 6, 1858 – July 21, 1914.  Columbia City Cemetery, Adair County, Kentucky.

from The Adair County News, Columbia, Adair County, Kentucky

Wednesday, July 29, 1914

Gone to Rest

Mrs. Mollie Hancock, Who Was the Beloved wife of Judge Junius Hancock, Crosses to the Other Side

Funeral Services Largely Attended

Last Tuesday forenoon at 10:30 o’clock, one of Columbia’s most lovable women, one who was a devoted wife and an affectionate mother – Mrs. Mollie Hancock, wife of Judge Junius Hancock, gazed upon her loved ones for the last time upon earth, closed her eyes and calmly met her God.  She was a daughter of George and Bettie Watson Damron, and was born and reared on Green River in Adair County, and was 55 years, 11 months and 15 days old.  When quite a young woman she was married to Mr. Junius Hancock, and shortly after their union became residents of Columbia where they lived happily until God saw fit to remove the wife and mother to a better and purer world.  When quite a girl the deceased made a profession of her faith in the lowly Nazarine, united with the Christian Church and was an active member until the final dissolution.  It was here that her children were born and reared, the living ones being W. F. Hancock, Mrs. George W. Lowe, Mr. S. N. Hancock, Mrs. W. M. Wilson, Mr. George W. Hancock, and Mr. Henry Hancock, all of whom and their father were with her when the summons came.

Is there anything more trying for a husband, sons and daughters to bear than to breathlessly watch at the bedside of a loving companion and a most affectionate mother as her life is rapidly passing into the beyond?  But when those who have been so sorely bereft take into consideration the devoted Christian walk of their dear one, and remembering the promises to the faithful, they should console themselves, knowing that companion and mother is now with Wallace and little Nell, and if they continue to walk in the straight and narrow path which leads to the celestial city, after a while they will all be together in that heavenly home where there is neither sorrow nor separation.

This town where Mrs. Hancock spent so many years of her life, where she was the friend of everybody and where everybody respected her for her many Christian virtues, keenly feels the loss.  For years her husband conducted a hotel in this place, and the writer has often seen the foot-sore traveler, without means, standing at the cook-room door, but he never left without having his hunger appeased, this good woman being ever ready to hand out a plate of victuals.  She possessed a most lovable disposition, never denied her children and was happy when they were pleased.  They have lost their dearest friend, but by following the precepts of the Book of Books they will again see her face, for we are taught that we shall know as we were known.

May the Giver of all that is good comfort the husband, the children and the sister, Miss Sallie Damron, who had not been separated from the deceased, the two dearly loving one another, since their girlhood days.

The funeral services were conducted at the Christian Church Wednesday afternoon by her pastor, Eld. Z. T. Williams, who paid a touching tribute to the memory of the departed in the present of a very large congregation.  Other local ministers were present and assisted.

Services over, the remains were bourne to the city cemetery and there deposited to await the resurrection morn.

There were many floral designs, home grown, the only kind the deceased desired to be used.


A Few Obituaries From Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church

IMG_9104Alex Kirkland, born January 10, 1833, died October 20, 1918.  Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky.

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, October 25, 1918

Mr. Alex Kirkland, one of the best known citizens of the west end, died Sunday at the home of his son, Mr. Thomas Kirkland, near Dixville. Death was due to the infirmities of age, deceased being in his 87th year. He had been a member of Bethel Presbyterian Church for many years, and no man in his community stood higher. He is survived by three children — Messrs. Thomas and Lee Kirkland, of this county, and Mrs. Smith Cox, of Perryville. The interment took place in Bethel churchyard.

IMG_9105J. D. Comingo, born December 11, 1831, died June 26, 1904.

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Thursday, June 30, 1904

John Comingo, Sr., an aged and highly respected citizen, died at his home near this place Sunday of a complication of diseases. He is survived by five children, Mr. John Comingo, Jr., Mrs. Ella Neff, Mrs. Laura Alderson, Mrs. Omer Tewmy and Mrs. Jane Carr. The funeral was conducted the following day by Rev. J.C. Gilliam, after which the remains were laid to rest in Bethel Cemetery to await the resurrection mourn.

IMG_9115Charles B. Cannon, December 20, 1856 – August 13, 1901.  Mollie, his wife, January 22, 1857 – February 16, 1923.

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Thursday, August 15, 1901

Mr. C. B. Cannon, aged 46, died Tuesday after a month’s illness of typhoid fever, at his home near Dixville. He leaves a wife and seven children, besides many close relatives in the county. He was a half-brother of Mr. D. B. Chatham and was one of the best liked men in his section. The funeral was preached at Bethel yesterday at 10 a.m., by Rev. Gilliam, and interment took place in the adjoining grave yard.

IMG_9129Carrie M. Russell, April 21, 1861 – June 7, 1932.

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, June 24, 1932


Miss Carrie Russell, aged 72 years, was buried a few days ago in the cemetery at Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian church.  She was brought here from Crowthersville, Ind., where she died after a long illness at the home of a relative.

IMG_9146James E. Comingo, June 24, 1854 – August 27, 1938.  Mattie A., his wife, January 10, 1847 – March 28, 1910.

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, April 8, 1910

Last Monday night Mrs. James Comingo, a well known and much beloved woman, died at her home near Harrodsburg after a lingering illness with spinal trouble. She was sixty-three years of age, and a devout member of the Bethel Church, where her funeral services were held Wednesday morning by Rev. J. M. Roddy, and the interment was in the burying ground of the churchyard. Besides her husband she leaves two children, Mrs. Cecil Vandivier and Mr. Carl Comingo.

IMG_9147Cornelia, wife of J. W. Wickersham, December 7, 1870 – September 18, 1912.  ‘Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.”

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, September 20, 1912

Mrs. John Wickersham, a well known lady of Nevada, died Wednesday morning after a long illness of tuberculosis. She was about forty years of age and a consecrated Christian. The funeral was held yesterday morning at Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian church, where she had been a devoted member. Mr. John C. VanArsdall conducted the service. Besides her husband she leaves seven children.




Dr. Obadiah V. Garnett Obituary


O. V. Garnett, M.D., 1835-1905, Spring Hill Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Thursday, February 23, 1905


Dr. Obe Garnett died at Paterson, N. J. a few days ago, after submitting to an operation. He married Miss Mary Harris, of this city, who survives him. He was about 70 years of age and was a surgeon in the Confederate army. At the close of hostilities he went to Paterson and has since been engaged in the drug business in that city. He was a native of Boyle county.

from History of Bergen and Passaic Counties, New Jersey, William Nelson, 1882

The Garnett family are originally from Virginia, the grandfather of the subject of this biographical sketch having emigrated from that state to Kentucky, and located in Jessamine County.  He was united in marriage to Miss Eliza Moore, of the former state, to whom were born twelve children, among this number being Obadiah, whose birth occurred August 4, 1800, in Jessamine County, Kentucky.  Here he spent the years of his boyhood, and subsequently repaired to Lexington, Kentucky, where he was apprenticed to a tailor.  He removed at the age of twenty to Danville, Kentucky, where he embarked in business.

Mr. Garnett was married to Miss Elizabeth Davis, of Boyle County, Kentucky, and became the parent of children – Margaret, Robert, Mary J. (Mrs. Bishop), Edwin, O. V., Marcus and Bettie.  Of this number but three survive.  The subject of this biography, O. V., was born in Danville, June 9, 1834, and passed the years of his boyhood in Boyle County, Kentucky.  He later repaired to Danville for the purpose of pursuing his studies at Centre College.

At the early age of seventeen he determined upon the profession of medicine as one adapted to his tastes, and his later success has demonstrated the wisdom of this choice.  He began his preparatory studies with Drs. Moore and Spillman, of Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky, and continued them at Jefferson College, Philadelphia, where he graduated in 1855.

Danville was the scene of his earliest professional labors, after which he removed to Missouri.  At the beginning of the late civil conflict Dr. Garnett enlisted in the Confederate services, and served as a surgeon during the whole period of the war.  After a brief time spent in Kentucky he repaired to the north, and chose Paterson as a location, where he accepted a position as a drug clerk.

Having speedily become identified with the inhabitants in a professional capacity, and by his ability and surgical skill, secured a considerable practice, he determined to become a permanent resident of the city.  His practice has greatly increased, until it now affords Dr. Garnett but little respite from the unceasing toil of the physician’s life.  The doctor is a member of the Passaic County Medical Society, and is also surgeon of the Erie Railroad Company.  Though not an active politician, his convictions are in harmony with the platform of the Democratic Party.

Dr. Garnett was on the 21st of October, 1856, married to Miss Mary S., daughter of Nimrod Harris, of Harrodsburg, Kentucky.  Both he and his wife are devoted to the tenets of the Baptist faith, and members of the Staunton Street Baptist Church of New York City.

Thomas Overstreet Obituary

IMG_2203J. T. Overstreet, born May 10, 1870, died April 7, 1909.  New Providence Presbyterian Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky.

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, April 9, 1909

Mr. Thomas Overstreet, one of the best known men in the north end of the county, died at Bondville Tuesday, aged 38 years. He was a farmer and stock trader and stood high among those who knew him. He leaves a wife and five children. Funeral services were held at Providence Church Thursday and the interment took place in Providence Cemetery.


Henry C. and Sarah Knight Bohon Obituaries

IMG_0694 1H. C. Bohon, 1845-1897.  Sallie K. Bohon, 1846-1931.  Spring Hill Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky.

IMG_0697from The Sayings, Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky

Saturday, June 5, 1897

Again our community mourns the loss of a most valued citizen. Grief universal was manifested here, Thursday afternoon, when it was known that Mr. Henry C. Bohon had suddenly died of heart disease at his late home on Cane Run street. Just before the clock struck five, his brother, Mr. George Bohon, was standing in the front door of his business house conversing with an old friend and neighbor, and expressed great concern for his brother, saying he would not be surprised at his death occurring at any moment, and as the clock struck five the telephone brought him the sad tidings that his brother was dead. For thirteen years he had been the faithful and efficient cashier of the First National Bank, and was daily at his post of duty, unless unavoidably absent on business or prevented by sickness. He was at the bank Thursday, and before going home had one of our physicians to examine him for heart disease, and when assured that he was not afflicted by that malady seemed cheerful, and told several friends that he felt much better. Soon after his arrival at home, while in the room in company with his wife, and daughter, Miss Nola, and Mrs Crit. Davis, he became ill, and in a short time expired. He was the third son of William F. and Verlinda Hutchinson Bohon, and was born in Monticello, Wayne County, March 20, 1845. When twelve years old his father removed to Harrodsburg, and ever since he had made this place his home. He was educated in Kentucky University, then located here, and when nineteen embarked in dry goods business with his father. In 1873 he formed a partnership with Mr. Smith Hansford, and for more than ten years the firm conducted a prosperous business. In 1885, when elected cashier of the First National Bank, he sold out his interest in the firm of Bohon & Hansford to Messrs. W. T. Curry and T. E. James. Before he reached his majority, he gave his heart to God and united with the Christian church, and was ever a zealous and active member. He was a strong advocate of the Sunday school, and few have done as much as he for this great auxiliary of the church. For ten years he was President of the Kentucky Sunday School Union, and for fifteen years Superintendent of the Sunday-school of his own church.

He was married to Miss Sarah Knight, of Jessamine County, and the wife and four daughters and one son survive him-Mrs. Mary Haydon, Misses Annie Bell, Nola and Nannie, and H. C. Bohon, Jr. This sadly bereaved family have deepest sympathy, not only of their relatives and intimate friends, but of the entire community. His death is a loss to the community and to the church as well as to his family.

The funeral will be conducted this morning at 10 o’clock at the Christian Church by the pastor, Dr. C. K. Marshall, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, of which deceased was an honored member, taking part. The interment will be in Spring Hill Cemetery.

The brothers of deceased away from the city –Dr. Tom Bohon, of Lincoln county; Mr. William Bohon, of Danville; Mr. Rane Bohon, of Decatur, Ill., -were telegraphed to and are here to attend the obsequies and mingle their tears with those who mourn.

IMG_0698from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, January 16, 1931

Mrs. Sallie Knight Bohon, aged 84 years, passed peacefully into rest Sunday afternoon just as the dusk began to fall. For several years, time has been taking its toll of her vitality, but for some weeks the final breakdown has been drawing her life to its close. She was the daughter of Grant and Nancy Lowry Knight, of Jessamine County, prominent and wealthy citizens of their day and after her marriage to the late Henry C. Bohon, Sr., she has lived continuously in this community. Her entire life has been spent in unselfish devotion to her family, and to her church as long a strength was given her for active service. A sweet and gentle nature, content with the circle of those she loved most and her close friends, she did not reach beyond these for interest, but gave herself freely and she was loved and respected in return. She was the last of a large family of brothers and sisters. Her husband died more than twenty years ago and she is survived by the following children: Mrs. Stephenson Haydon, Miss Anna Belle Bohon, Mr. H. C. Bohon, all of Harrodsburg; Mrs. Albert H. McClure, Augusta, Ga., and Mrs. Owen R. Mann, of Louisville; also two half brothers, Mr. G. C. Knight, and Mr. Dixie Knight, both of Nicholasville. a number of grandchildren are also left.

Her funeral was held at the residence on College Street Tuesday morning, conducted by her pastor, the Rev. T. Hassell Bowen, of the Christian church. Burial was in the family lot in Spring Hill Cemetery. Those from out of town who were here to attend the funeral were: Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Mann, Miss Frances Mann, O. R. Mann, Jr., Henry Beverly Mann, Mr. and Mrs. George Bohon, William Bohon, Miss Lizzie Hudson, of Louisville; R. K. McClure and daughter, Mrs. McDaniel, of Frankfort; Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Knight, G. L. Knight, William Knight, Nicholasville; Mr. John Mizner, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Land, and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Land, Mrs. Minnie Knight, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Smith, Messrs. Blackburn Knight, Clinton Knight, Joseph Knight, and Tom Knight, all of Lexington.