Clemens Family of Mercer (Boyle) County, Kentucky


In Bellevue Cemetery, Danville, Kentucky, this beautiful monument to the Clemens family was erected as a ‘memorial of affection and respect’ for the parents and brothers of James Clemens, then living in St. Louis, Missouri.


James’ father, Jeremiah Clemens was born September 16, 1753, in Loudoun County, Virginia – the same county as my Captain John Linton, and only three years after his birth!  Perhaps they were boyhood friends!  Jeremiah and two of his brothers, served with the forces in Crawford’s expedition against the Indians of the Ohio Territory.  After Crawford’s defeat in 1772 Jeremiah and his brother went southward, landing across the river from Louisville, Kentucky.  Jeremiah settled in what was then Mercer County, but is now Boyle County.  He owned Black Horse Tavern in the city of Danville, which was adjacent to the present court house.  Jeremiah fought as a Private in the Revolutionary War, under Captain Eleazer Williamson, Company 2, Battalion 3.


Jeremiah Clemens first married Mary Hawkins in 1788, but she died shortly after the marriage.  He married Jane Cochran, daughter of John and Isabella Cochran, September 16, 1790.  Jane and Jeremiah had four children:  James, born October 29, 1791, died January 12, 1878, in St. Louis, Missouri.  Thomas, born February 27, 1794, died July 30, 1826 (he is buried with his parents).  Isabella, born October 16, 1795, died May 23, 1862.  Elizabeth, born June 27, 1799, died May 16, 1878.


Jane Cochran Clemens was born in 1767.  She died April 7, 1824, aged 57 years.  Jeremiah Clemens died June 8, 1826.


The monument is in bad condition.  As you can tell from the photos, the writing on the stone is difficult to read.  And either through damage from wind, or a possible lightning strike, the top portion of the monument has fallen to the ground, breaking in several pieces, and taking small chunks out of the main stone.


It is still a magnificent tribute to a Revolutionary War patriot and his pioneering family.


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