Family Stories

Blandford Biographies

from Perrin’s County of Daviess, Kentucky, Historical and Biographical, 1884

Aquilla P. Blandford, son of Joseph Blandford, was born in Washington County, Kentucky, October 23, 1836.  His grandfather, Aquilla Blandford, was a native of Maryland, and settled in Kentucky in an early day.  Mr. Blandford was reared on a farm and was educated in the primitive log-cabin schools.  He came to Daviess County in 1856 and settled in Curdsville Precinct.  He was married January 7, 1864, to Louise C., daughter of William Moseley.  They are the parents of nine children – Mary L., William F., Vick T., Georgiana, Joseph, Betty, Mary L., Thomas A.  One daughter, Mary, died in February, 1879.  Mr. Blandford has been School Trustee of District No. 76 several terms.  He is a Trustee of St. Alphnsus’ Catholic Church.  He owns 210 acres of farming land.  His mother still lives on the old homestead in Washington County, aged seventy-three years.

John R. Blandford, born in Marion County, Kentucky, August 4, 1834, is a son of John R. Blandford, a native of Bullitt County, Kentucky.  His parents came to Daviess County in February, 1839.  He has always lived on a farm, receiving but a limited education in the early subscription school.  He was married February 3, 1875, to Elnora Cashen, daughter of Michael Cashen.  To them have been born three children – John R., More F., and Eulelia R.  Mr. Blandford owns a farm of 100 acres.  He is School Trustee of his township.  He belongs to the Catholic Knights of America.

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