Paul Jones Booker

IMG_6272Booker Plot, Springfield City Cemetery, Washington County, Kentucky

Paul Jones Booker, son of Samuel and Rachel Jones Booker, married twice.  First, to Eliza D. Reed, born January 25, 1800; died March 1, 1827.

IMG_6275Eliza D. Booker, wife of P. J. Booker, born January 25, 1800, died March 1, 1827

By her he had:

  1. Anne Rachel, who married Moses M. Linton, grandson of John Linton, a Washington County pioneer, October 10, 1837.
  2. Letitia Frances, married John W. Vick, October 22, 1839.

IMG_6273Letitia W. Reed, wife of P. J. Booker, born August 28, 1801, died February 27, 1870

Second Paul Jones Booker married Letitia W. Reed, a sister of his first wife.  She was born August 28, 1801; died February 27, 1870.  By her he had:

  1. William McGavick Booker, born August 22, 1829; died April 15, 1838.  his death was the result of a knife and gun battle.  The facts of the incident to this matter are found in an earlier article of this department.
  2. Margaret Booker, born July 28, 1836; married May 21, 1863, the Rev. Miles Sanders; died November 25, 1896.
  3. Paul Jones Booker, born March 22, 1838; died April 16, 1841.
  4. Jane Booker, born March 22, 1838; died April 16, 1841.
  5. Emily Booker, born August 16, 1840; died May 2, 1852.
  6. Letitia Booker, born April 22, 1843; died June 27, 1850.
  7. Paul Jones Booker, III.
  8. Maria L. Booker, married John W. Robinson, May 22, 1856.
  9. Eliza Booker, born February 3, 1835, married a Mr. Cornwall, died October 8, 1898.

IMG_6274Paul Jones Booker, born August 20, 1787, died May 7, 1873

Paul Jones Booker, father of the foregoing, died May 7, 1873, and his remains were buried in the Booker burial plot on Cemetery Hill, Springfield, Kentucky.

Also buried in the Booker plot is Lucy Frances Linton, baby daughter of Ann Rachel Booker and Moses M. Linton, granddaughter of Paul Jones Booker and Eliza D. Reed.

IMG_6276Lucy Frances Linton, born February 10, 1838, died February 12, 1841


from Pioneer History of Washington County, Kentucky, as complied from newspaper articles by Orval W. Baylor

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  1. Beautiful photographs and a very complex family story. Some of my Schooling family are buried in the same cemetery. Two Watts brothers, John Stubblefield Watts and William Russell Watts married two Schooling sisters right after the War of 1812.

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