Ben and Lucy Edwards

Ben and Lucy Edwards

In looking through old issues of The News-Leader from Springfield, Washington County, Kentucky, I came across an interesting article.  This is from the November 21, 1912, issue, page 3:

At the sale of Mr. Ben Edwards, the advertisement of which appears in this issue, there will be sold an old grandfather’s clock of cherry wood, in good running order and known to be over one hundred years of age.  Seekers for old furniture will find what they are looking for if they buy this clock.

The advertisement was on the preceding page:

Public Sale

I will at my residence 3 miles from Springfield on the Springfield and Walton Lick turnpike on Saturday, November 30, 1912 at 2 o’clock p.m. offer for sale to the highest bidder the following personal property:

About 400 bushels of corn in the crib, about 150 bushels of coal, 1 disc harrow, 1 cultivator, 1 breaking plow, mowing machine, hay rake, 2 hay forks, 1 cutting box, corn sheller, lawn mower, cooking stove and vessels, good as new, 1 sewing machine, some chairs, bed clothing, bureau, heating stove, 1 invalid’s chair, never used, 1 grandfather’s clock, known to over one hundred years old, in good condition, and many other articles, too numerous to mention.  Terms.  All items under $10 cash in hand.  All over $10 on six months’ time, interest from date of sale.

                                          Ben Edwards.

This is the Ben Edwards in my family line.  He was the son of Jonathan Joseph Edwards and Nancy Millie Linton.  Ben married his first cousin, Lucretia (Lucy) Ann Edwards, the only child of John L. Edwards and Mildred L. Linton.  Ben and Lucy married late in life – never had children.  Lucy was about 14 years older than Ben.  I feel they married more for companionship than anything – she was 41 and he was 27.

If the grandfather’s clock that is mentioned in the advertisement was over 100 years old in 1912, that means it came with Captain John Linton, great-grandfather of both Ben and Lucy, when he made the trek from Loudoun County, Virginia, to Washington County, Kentucky.  Edward Barber Edwards married the captain’s daughter, Nancy.  They, and their children, came to Kentucky in 1818 – evidently bringing this grandfather’s clock with them.  How long had it been in the family?  I would love to know who bought the clock the day of the sale.  It would be great just to have a picture of it!


I do have Lucy Edwards’ tiny collection of Methodist hymns.  The book is 2.5 X 4 inches – fits in the palm of your hand!  I am thrilled that she signed her name in the front of the book!  It was published in 1846 – making the book 166 years old!


The sale was shortly after Lucy died, on October 3, 1912.  I’m sure the invalid’s chair was for her – but was never used.  Ben lived 4 more years.

Lucy Edwards

Lucy Edwards

Ben and Lucy are buried on cemetery hill in the Springfield City Cemetery.  With no descendants – and they were both the last of their families when they died – few remember these two people – but I won’t let their memories die out!

Lucy A. Edwards, December 24, 1832 – October 3, 1912

Ben Edwards, April 7, 1846 – February 16, 1916

Ben Edwards

Ben Edwards

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